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Below are some fractal images I created. I was trying mainly for images that would work well as backgrounds or that I could use for buttons, etc. Some of them I wound up saving cause I just thought they were pretty. Click the image to see the full size image.
For some reason this one reminds me of the movie aliens fract003r.gif
This is one I have used for "back arrow" images fract006r.gif
I often found myself zooming in on the crosslike patterns that I found while playing with the fractal generator fract007r.gif
This image works great as a tiled background and the spirals pull together  fract008r.gif
Not sure why I saved this one honestly, maybe you will like it. fract010r.gif
A fairly basic Mandelbrot, Dawn refers to them as "The fractals with bugs in them". fract011r.gif
I zoomed in on this picture from the one above, I was hoping that I could get a more consistent set of colors.  fract012r.gif
This one is one of my favorites, and one of the few non symmetric fractal patterns that I have.  fract013r.gif
This one reminds me of a cell splitting. zygoter.gif
I call this one Solar Flare solarflarer.gif
Colorful Spiral spiralr.gif
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