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Comic Strips

My favorite comics are Dilbert Zone and User Friendly but most people will not get the humor in User Friendly because it is oriented towards techies.

Search Engines

Not all search engines are designed the same. Therefor, depending on what your needs are certain search engines will work better. Here is a little about there operating philosophy to let you know how well they might work for you:

Online Shopping

PriceGrabber is a good place to go to search for deals. But, be aware that some shady web sites can be found through the service. If there is only a few dollars difference between reputable and unknown, I would go with the reputable business.

Dell Check out the refurbished systems, great prices on systems good as new, as long as you don't mind not being able to custom build your system. I suggest buying a stripped down version, then adding any peripherals you want. I have found that prices are better from Dell refurbished than purchasing the parts and building a system by hand.

Toshiba for small to midrange laptops Toshiba has some of the best stuff I have worked with. I love their small laptops in comparison to other manufacturers.

Sony Best laptop for "leading edge". If you want something that will be good for a while and are willing to shell out some money they have some of the best "top of the line" laptops. However, there super small laptops tend to be poorly designed. One I saw vented out the bottom, which means putting it down on a surgace that isn't totally hard and flat could kill the laptop. Very poor design.

Insight is a good all around shop, sometimes they have good deals, but best of all they are reliable.

CD Now like Insight

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