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About me...

My Pic Well, not sure what all there is to say about me that is terribly interesting. I am a computer and math geek. I got a degree in Mathematics from James Madison University. Other hobbies and interests include solving puzzles and role playing games.

I also enjoy working with youth, I have worked as a Youth Advisor in a YRUU group and as an advisor in a Coming of Age program.

Currently I am volunteering my time to the Stonetree UU website. It's an online directory service to assist in congregations contacting people who are potential resources for their congregation.

Currently I am working for Compendium Corp, a company that specializes in survey administration.  No, we don't do the annoying pop-up online surveys; we mainly work for consulting firms that have experts in human resources who want a company that can help them with the technical parts of administrating a survey.

My Unitarian Jihad Name is: The Cattle Prod of Compassion. Get yours.

I would not consider myself a big Linux enthusiast, but I do use the Linux OS. I have set up several home systems running linux and at work we have had some cost savings deploying Linux instead of other less cost effective servers. I am listed on the Linux counter, it's not a terribly exciting web site, but if you are interested in looking here is my registration on the linux counter. I am far more excited about Mozilla and firefox in particular, but in general I try to point people to cost effective Open Source solutions when it makes sense. The main disadvantage that is faced by some Open Source projects is lack of advertising, so spreading the word for worthwhile endeavors seems a good idea.

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