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Well, specifically CSS (cascading style sheets). Basically this is just a page to play with the look and feel of different CSS pages. Click on one of the links below to view the different style pages. Or select none to see what it looks like (the html) without any styles applied.

Currently using default style

There are lots of great resources on the web to find out about Cascading Styles Sheets, this is not one of them. Maybe I will put some relevent info on here about style sheets some day, but I doubt it. For some info about CSS I suggest checking out which is basically where I mimiced one of the styles after. There are also more CSS links of that page which will be more up to date than anything I would offer. Oh, and of course, will also have good links for CSS.

Oh, and a final word. If all the pages look the same no matter which style sheet is selected then your browser probably does not support CSS. As the links (buttons) below suggest these pages have been validated for HTML and CSS. So if it does not look correct I blame your browser. :-)

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