From The Unitarians and the Universalists by David Robinson (331):

WARE, HENRY (1 April 1764. Sherborn. MA-12 July 1845, Cambridge. MA). Education: A.B.. Harvard College. 1785. Career: Minister of First Parish, Hingham. MA, 1787-1805; Hollis Professor of Divinity. Harvard College. 1805- 40.

Henry Ware's election as Hollis Professor of Divinity in 1805 was one of the earliest public manifestations of the growing split between Calvinists and liberals in New England, and the opposition voiced to his election by the Calvinists constituted the first phase of the Unitarian controversy. Ware was reared on a farm near Sherborn, Massachusetts. and entered Harvard in 1781, graduating with the highest honors in 1785. After a period of teaching and studying theology, he accepted a call to the First Parish in Hingham. Massachusetts. in 1787, following the long and distinguished pastorate of Ebenezer Gay.* In 1805 he was elected to the Hollis professorship at Harvard, where he took an important role in developing course work in ministerial training that led to the establishment of the Harvard Divinity School. From 1820 to 1822 he engaged in an exchange of pamphlets with the Calvinist Laonard Woods. His son Henry Ware, Jr. , took a leading role among the next generation of liberals, helping to form the American Unitarian Association in 1825. The elder Ware resigned his professorship in 1840, in ill health. and died in 1845.


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